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About Our Name

The Redan Group is committed to assisting our clients in achieving their full potential.  Specializing in strategic planning, we work with organizations of all types and across industry groups to develop their pathway to success.  All of our services are individually tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of each valued client.  

  • Strategic Planning

Whether an organization desires to grow, retrench, or to simply remain viable, a strategic plan is critical to informed decision making. The Redan Group will help you to determine your appropriate planning strategy, guide you through the process, and produce your plan.

  • Governance 

Boards of directors can be powerful tools for an organization's success.  As organizations grow and change extending that change to the board can be overlooked.  The Redan Group helps organizations maximize value in the role of the board. 

  • Business Development

Competition for resources in today's environment can be challenging. The Redan Group works with clients to identify revenue opportunites either individually developed or through collaboration.  Creating business and strategy plans to support and grow these ventures is critical to success.


Is there a right time to plan?

There is a correct time to begin a strategic plan.  The Redan Group will meet with you to evaluate and discuss your readiness to plan.  Contact us at to schedule an analysis and review.

The Redan Group
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